Angelo Sutera, D.P.M., and Scott Jones D.P.M. have decades of experience in traditional and advanced foot care as well as surgical services.  Their expertise include diabetic foot care, wound care, orthotics, skin and bone deformities, venous disease, as well as vascular testing.  Several office locations in the Media area are available for your convenience.


Diabetic Foot and Wound Care
diabetic foot care11Treatment of the feet of a diabetic patient can be complex.  Annually 2-3% of diabetic patients will develop foot ulcers.  Up to 15% of all diabetic patients will suffer from chronic foot ulcers in their lifetime.  Without early and diligent treatment a foot ulcer can advance to hospitalization and even amputation.

The best course of action as a diabetic with a foot wound is to seek podiatric medical care immediately.  The primary goal in treatment is to prevent or contain an infection.  The majority of non-infected foot ulcers are treated without surgery.  The key is to come in and see us immediately upon seeing a wound.

The best way to treat and prevent diabetic foot problems includes reducing and eliminating the risk factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, high cholestoral, elevated blood glucose and wearing footware which constricts circulation.

We will work with you on a plan to reduce these risk factors and build on preventitive treatmetns.  We also have a line of diabetic shoes available for Medicare patients including Dr. Comfort™, Sur-Fit™, and Delmarva™.   They are designed to improve compromised circulation. 

Vascular Testing
Poor circulation, as found in diabetic patients, increases the risk of developing peripheral vascular disease.  Common symptoms of this condition include leg cramping while walking.  There may also be a thickening of the toe nails.  Reduction in blood flow to your foot and toes limits the delivery of oxygen and needed nutrients to the tissues in your feet.  It is imperative for diabetic patients to monitor the blood flow to their lower extremities.  Dr Sutera and Dr Jones offer routine vasclar testing for their patients in an effort to avoid any of the painful effects advanced wound care.

 Other Common Foot Problems

• Nail Fungus & Ingrown Toenails
• Treat Any Fungus That You Have on Your Toe Nails

• Remove Your Ingrown Toenails
• Treat Soft Tissue and Bone Infections

Other Foot Treatments

We have addressed some of the major foot conditions, however, each patient presents with unique circumstances and conditions.  In addition to the treatments and conditions discussed here we also see other serious conditions such as arthritis, tumors, lesions and gout.  Just as you are a unique person, we see varied unique conditions.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment for a complete evaluation and treatment recommendations.   The following ailments are covered under our care:

• Benign & Malignant
Soft Tissue Lesions
• Biopsies

• Tinea Pedis
• Athletes Foot

• Nail Fungus or Onychomycosis
• Gout

• Soft Tissue & Bone Infections
• Arthritis